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Hi I'm Chris Forbes and welcome to my horse racing page. On my site you will find road trip stories about the various tracks I visit as well as pictures of female jockeys and me that I meet at the various tracks and pictures of me with female jockeys from the race tracks I work at.

A Little Info On Me

I have been around racetracks for over 16 years and worked at Garden State Park for 15 years before they closed in May of 2001. (see story on my site elsewhere about the very last day of Garden State) I currently work at another race track and no I have no tips for ya ha ha.

Now I am not a big bettor by any means. I just go to the race track for some fun and entertainment purposes. If I win some money while betting, so much the better. I just like watching the horses run and the jockeys ride.

 When I am not working or doing horse/music related things I can usually be found at the gym working out . I sometimes like to surf the internet or relax reading a good book or magazine. I love watching sports (NY Rangers, NY Knicks, Dallas Cowboys and NY Yankees all rule.) I am also a huge WWE wrestling fan and my 2 favorite wrestlers are Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam.


Other Websites I Do

Me and a friend Jim do a female jockey interview page. On that page you will find interviews with female jockeys from all over the world. You can check out the page for yourself at: ( We have retired jockeys, apprentice riders, all the way up to the best female riders currently riding the circuit today. Read about their triumphs, their tragedies and everything else in between. There is lots of horse releated links, female jockey news updates, more girl jockey pics and much much more.

The other website I do ( is my music website. I have been doing my music magazine since 1986 and the website has been up since 2000. I cover the best in underground metal music. The site is filled with interviews, reviews, links, message board, and lots more pictures of yours truly ha ha. If your into the heavier side of music or want to know more about me that site is the place to go.


Enjoy My Page

I hope you all enjoy my little horse racing website and all the pictures and I will try and update it as much as possible. Please let me know what you think of my page after you check it out by sending me an email at: