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Racetrack Diaries



(Click on each pic to see full size)

Me and jockey Natashia Bracaloni during a recent trip to Charlestown


Me doing my Rob Van Dam imitation at Charlestown Racetrack.

Me and jockey Ashton Fitzpatrick at Pimlicio Racetrack.

High atop the owner's box at Pimlicio Race Course doing my Rob Van Dam
impression ha ha


Me and jockey Kim Dvorak (dirt and all ha ha)  over at Delaware Park.


I have been wanting to meet jockey Diane Nelson for the longest time. I finally got a chance when she came down to ride down at Delaware Park.

Took a trip to Virginia and went to Colonial Downs Race Track.


Metal hanging at the track. Check out the horses and jockeys going by in the background.


Me and jockey Remi Gunn.


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