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Racetrack Diaries



(Click on each pic to see full size)

Rolanda holding up her interview I did with her for my horse racing website I do with my friend Jim


Me and jockey Baccarra Rice got a pic taken when I went up to Penn National Racetrack.



Me and jockey Kaymarie Kriedel over at Laurel Park in Maryland.


Me and jockey M.C Brock over at Philadelphia Park.


Kaymarie holds up her favorite magazine ever.


Me and jockey Tara Hemmings and she catches on really fast as to what I do in all my pics doesn't she?


Jockey Rolanda Simpson wishes me good luck (and i'm going to need every bit of it ha ha)


My little inspirational jockey Lisa Pal in the winners circle at GSP


I asked Mary Doser what she thought of my website and the above pic says it all.


Jockey Rolanda Simpson gives my website her stamp of approval.

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