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Racetrack Diaries



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Me and Lisa Dellipaoli the jockey from work who inspired me to go on a diet. You can read all about it by clicking here.


Met Jockey Mary Doser who I had to bet all of 99 at my race track via the world of simulcasting at Great Lake Downs in Mighigan. She was super nice and she was also the leading rider at Great Lakes Downs. I won a sum of money over 99 betting her as well.


My mag has gotten so big (yeah right) that even jockeys at my work read the damn thing. Above is one of the nicest and best looking young jockeys on the east coast Rolanda Simpson holding up her copy. See ya in the winner's circle Rolanda.


Working at the race track can be a really tough job sometimes. as you can see I am hard at work when this pic was taken. Next to me is the very nice and very lovely female Jockey named Janice Blake. Good looking and she puts up with me all week.....what more can I ask for?


I sometimes have to work down the jocks room. Look what I have to put up with all night! I would have to say jockey Rolanda Simpson looks like a half a million bucks in her uniform.....she definitely looks like a million dollars out of her uniform. Go get'em Rolanda.

I tell you the jocks room is one tough place to work. see what i am surrounded by. Here is a pic with me and another cute jockey rachel lavoy at the last night of our meet 2000.


While at the track I met jockey Mary Doser again. She is one hell of a jockey and check out that gorgeous smile. She was very nice to talk to and I even got to see her visit the winner's circle a couple of times while there.


When your looking for all the inside "dirt" on pro wrestling you don't need to get your nose dirty like jockey Rolanda Simpson. Just go to the wrestling newsletter I contribute to at Trust me the Pro Wrestling Torch rules!


Went to Tampa Bay Downs again at met Mary Doser again. She is super nice and has a knockout smile. Mary Doser rules!!!


And the reason she rules; she reads my zine... nuff said.


Jockey Rolanda Simpson couldn't get enough of my mag so she stole this copy from my gym bag. Rolanda is super nice, very cute and what a smile.

Me at work protecting Rolanda Simpson.


Riding up in N.J from Florida. Jockey Charlene Hunt is another jockey I have to work with. Isn't my job the toughest?


Charlene catches on quick. She knows what mag to read. She also has a great smile and is very nice looking. The little sign she is doing with her left hand means "Hang Loose".

Me and the lovely jockey Jennifer Bramblett at work.


Went to Muskegon, Michigan again for vacation. Met jockey, Mary Doser again. As you can see, Mary knows me quite well be now, he he.


Another pic of me and Mary. Yes, the left hand is on the way up.


The lovely jockey with the great smile, Tracey Brown and me at work.


Me and jockey, Janice Blake. 


What a great day it was when jockey, Kay Marie Kreidel came up from Maryland to ride. Naturally, I gave it a thumbs up.

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