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Racetrack Diaries


Meadowlands 2002


On October 23, 2002 after a long day in court (that resulted in a victory for me..doesn't pay to lie when your the devil) I and my friend Scott decided to take a trip to The Meadowlands Racetrack in NJ. The Meadowlands is one of the only 2 thoroughbred tracks left in the state of NJ. The Meadowlands is more
known  for it's harness racing than it's thoroughbred racing. They have short fall meet after Monmouth Park closes. The track is a mile oval and it is right off exit 16 on the NJ Turnpike.

Hanging at The Meadowlands Racetrack doing my best Rob Van Dam impression

In Race #1 which I just missed Diane Nelsone boots home a winner and I'm mad cause I would have played her and been alive in the double . In Race #2 I come over and talk with some  trainers I know, Mike Farro, David Nunn, Jancie Gerace and Frog who runs horses for Cloud 9. In Race #2 I bet a 1/7 exacta straight and jockey Dale Beckner does histhing for me, but jockey Victor Molinacomes in 3rd and ilose. Race #3 I throw a 4-5 shot on top and he gets buried and a 15-1shot goes wire to wire and I'm to a good start. In Race #4 Iike 2 horses so I think and ponder and throw one of them out and naturally the one I throw out beats me ha ha. The 3 horse comes off the pace and I can only stare and watch as I lose.

 Race #5 I watch a bit of the NY Rangers game and they are only down 1 goal after 2 periods of play.  I decide to play Diane Nelson cause  she won the 1st race and the horse she is on is dropping  down so I figure I'm in. I play a 3/6 exacta box and the 6 wins, but Diane is nowhere to be found as she finished 5th. Race  #6 I play jockey Todd Glasser as he is on a Philadelphia Park shipped horse and I figure if he drove up for the mount, then the horse is gonna win. I thought wrong. Another Phila Park trainer, Robert Mosco, has his horse blow by me in the final 20 yards and I do not go to the pay window. And the NY Rangers lose 2-1 to the Washington Capitols. Race #7 I had the winner until the last10 yards as I 17-1shot blows past me like a freight train and pays $38.60. Race #8 I throw $3 on Felix Ortiz to win and he goes off 6-1 and he is up there and I
think I might have a shot to collect, but he fades and  there goes $3 down the drain ha ha. A 14-1shotwith leading jockey Eddie King beats me too. Last race to go and I throw a 3-5 shot on top and I throw in a couple other horses and what to you know I hit the eaxacta and and I break even. Wasn't the best of nights at the track, but fun nevertheless. 

A double thumbs up! Me and Sarah Gibson at Pimlicio Racetrack in Maryland after she won a race and yes I got in the winner's circle.

See ya at the races and in the winnerís circle.


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