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Racetrack Diaries


Racetrack Diaries


Laurel Racetrack

On November 21, 2002, I decided to take a ride down to Laurel. Laurel is a much better track that Pimlicio and they also have added a huge big screen tv on the infield.  Laurel is a one mile round track and have a decent colony of riders too. I have been to this track before 2 times as a matter of fact. The track is only 2 stories tall, but the one floor is pretty wide. Plenty of tvs and food to eat as well. Let's hope I do better this time than last time I was down here with my ex Donna Bonafiglia. Hi Donna!

Track is fast with a slight chance of rain. In Race #1 I play a daily double, which I rarely do, and I throw Kaymarie Kriedel on top with Jeremy Rose in the 2nd race. I throw out leading rider (and bug rider) Ryan Fogelsonger out of the race and he makes me regret it by holding on by a neck wire to wire at 7 furlongs. After the race I get my 2 Kaymarie pictures signed and of course get another with her he he.

Race #2 with 3 scratches it is only a 5 horse race so hitting this race should be easy. I play a trifecta using a 1/4 w/ 1/4 w/ 5 as my ticket. Rose wins under a great ride, stalking and taking the lead in the last furlong.
Unfortunately for me the 7 horse ran 2nd so no winning ticket for me. 

Race #3 I play Ryan Fogelsonger to win and I throw in a trifecta race at Woodbine. Hi Lisa Platts! Nice ride by Charlestown rider Anthony Mawing as he stalked alongside the 11 horse and then pulled away for the easy win. Lost the
Woodbine trifecta by a nose too. 

Race #4 I go with a horse that stumbled badly out of the gate last time, but closed well at 7 furlongs and that is what this race is. I figure a good start out of the gate and I win easy. Jeremy Rose picks up win #2 as he
slides threw a narrow opening on "Dixie'sHere"  and gets up by a nose to win. My where to be found. Well, at least I got my picture with me and Mary Brock signed. 

Race #5 I played a trifecta and used leading trainer in the country, Scott Lake's horse on top. And Scott Lake's horse got checked and that was the end of him and me winning the race.  My 4 horse blew up after setting an early brutal pace too. 

Race #6 I try and hit a trifecta with another Scott Lake horse and in Forbes fashion he does not win ha ha.

Race#7 I box a1/4 and on the # 1 horse is Ryan and Jeremy Rose is on the #4. A brutal early pace is set as both are up there and both of course fade and up comes Horatrio Karamoses and I lose again. Well, last race today. I go with Scott Lake again and throw in 2 long shots in an exacta bet hoping to get even. Even ha. I wasn't even close and went a 0 for 8 on the day. See ya next time at the races.

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